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MyCare - Therapy Face Mask

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  • The Therapy Face Mask by MyCare is designed to provide moist heat and relief for sinus headaches, earaches and it is the perfect size for children’s booboos. By storing them in the freezer between uses, it restores the natural moisture that the microwave draws for natural moist heat therapy. The Therapy Face Mask can be used hot from your microwave misted for moist heat, or cold from the freezer. We use Lavender, Peppermint, Spearmint and Chamomile only all natural herbs for our aromatherapy. It's soothing, not too strong and most people tell us that it smells like “sleepy time tea” The one thing we DON’T want is to overwhelm you with something that smells way too strong. Unscented is also available.

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