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Kozy Collar

Kozy Collar - Flat Pad

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The Kozy Collar™ Flat Pad is a simple rectangular shape made to lay flat for complete control and versatility in use. Ideal for use while sitting and relaxing, the organic heating pad is made to provide adequate coverage for large flat areas such as the back or straightened out knees and legs.
The Kozy Collar™ organic heating pad is very adaptable to your exact needs as the 7 separate channels provide for fast and even heating temperatures that can target the source quickly and without risking burning yourself. 

This microwaveable heat pad takes 2 minutes to completely heat up to a comfortable temperature. Once warm you will find that the temperature is evenly spread out across the entire length of the Kozy Collar™ flat pad and that the heat that’s being delivered is also moist. Moist heat is the absolute best type of heat that can be applied to any type of injury, aches, or soreness as it can both soothe outer layers of skin and muscle tissue but it also has the ability to penetrate deeply to the center of the painful and irritated muscle.

If warm temperatures do not provide you with the relief that you’re looking for then you can also place the Kozy Collar™ into the freezer to cool it off and provide you with relaxing cold therapy. You will not find this type of soothing and relaxing heating or cooling methods anywhere else out there! The Kozy Collar™ microwave heating pad weighs a comfortable 3.2 pounds which provides light weighted pressure for the targeted area without being too heavy. This weight provides gentle relief and is not uncomfortable. It’s a heating and cooling pad that’s good for the body and good for the mind – its recommended usage is as often as you desire.

• Channels: 7
• Weight: 3.2 pounds
• Length: 10 inches
• Width: 20 inches
• Scent: Your choice of scent or unscented
• Length of Time to Heat up: 120 seconds or 2 minutes.

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